What projects are UniqueCanopy's pop up canopy generally used for?

In general, The pop up canopy tents are used in a wide range of applications, which is the main reason why this product is so popular. The main applicable projects using for: Party, Trade Show, Car shelter and more..

Special Hi-Vision UniqueCanopy pop up canopy:
The commercial grade High Vision pop up canopy comes with a durable frame and unique, bright orange or green top with reflective silver strips that will serve in areas requiring additional precautions. Complying with the OSHA* regulations that require the provision of shade for workers outdoors is now easier than ever with the new UniqueCanopy High Vision utility pop up canopy.

trade show & party canopy

car shelter canopy

hi vision canopy


Whether it is a party or a general trade show, UniqueCanopy's pop up canopy would like to help you do better.

    Birthday & Wedding Party

    Flea Market

    Garden Patio Shady Place

    Outdoor Trade Show



How to protect your lovely car under the scorching sun and rainstorm? Built an instant car shelter canopy first!

   Easy To Built


    UV Isolation

   Stronger Frame



Protection for outdoor workers in a shade and security environment, Better to Complying with the OSHA* regulations.

  Fluorescent Colors For Top

  Complying the OSHA Regulations

   More Durable Frame

  Reflection Strip For Night light